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About Me

Hello! I’m Federico Tavarez, a 28-year-old entrepreneur, athlete, and coach from the Dominican Republic. As a former youth and senior national team athlete, I witnessed the power of fútbol beyond the field. It opened my eyes to social realities and inspired me to bridge gaps and create equal opportunities here in the Dominican Republic and beyond.

During my college years at Western Michigan University pursuing a Business Management major, I followed my passion for helping others through soccer and began my journey in social entrepreneurship with the Aspiras Foundation. Through Aspiras, I was able to better understand and help my community, fueling my desire to become an advocate for sports and education.

Through ventures like Highlights DR and Aspiras Goalkeeper Academy, I have mentored and guided over 100 student-athletes, empowering them to reach their full potential. Additionally, with Reaching Dreams Agency, I provide strategic mentorship, business development, and creative marketing solutions to entrepreneurs, startups, and businesses.

Join me in this pursuit of creating a brighter future, where sports, education, and entrepreneurship intersect to empower individuals and make a lasting impact.

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